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How do I qualify?

  Eligibility Requirements:

     Age --- 62 and older

     Income Guidelines -- Based upon monthly income and resources

     Medical -- meet medical criteria for admission

Potential residents are assessed with a basic medical assessment tool. Questions concerning various areas of care and activities of daily living are addressed. Each area is assigned a point system. The total number of points assigned indicates the resident’s service needs and the level of care to be provided. The Assisted Living II facility acknowledge 4 levels of care or Tiers. Applicants without the need for healthcare services shall not be admitted to the Assisted

Living II facility.

What happens when I submit my application?  

Once the Facility Specific Application is received, it is dated and placed on the facility’s waiting list. You will not be contacted until your name is the next in line for an apartment. The next steps then occur as follows:

  Facility Interview

 Completion of Financial Verification

 Application for State Medicaid Waiver (if applicable)

 Medical Assessment

 Service Plan Development

 Apartment Selection


Where can I find more information on affordable assisted living?

The N.C.B. Development Corporation web site hosts an extensive amount of information on assisted living ( whatisAAL.aspx#whatisassistedliving)