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How is the facility operated?

The Community Development Corporation is the property owner and landlord. The C.D.C. collects room and board; purchases raw food product; maintains the physical property. Bentonville Assisted Living Services is the on site management and is over medical services.

Staff are all universal employees, reducing the need for various titles and increasing efficiency or staffing.

What are the apartments like?

Each apartment is an individual space, with private bath and locking door. The efficiency apartment is 380 square foot and the one-bedroom is 450 square foot. The facility has 34 efficiency and 11 one-bedroom apartments. Residents bring their own furnishings. Each apartment is equipped with a 2-burner stove top, mini fridge and microwave oven. The ability to retain cooking appliances is determined based upon mental and physical evaluation.

What services are offered?

Medical supervision is accomplished with Nurse Oversight, licensed practical

nursing 16 hours daily, and certified nursing assistants per shift. Licensed nursing administers medications. Residents are assisted with activities of daily living by nursing assistants.


A facility Medical Director, specializing in geriatric healthcare is available to see the residents of the facility, in-house to eliminate the need for outside transportation.


Service Care Plans are developed and monitored on a quarterly basis. Complete

medical records are maintained with physician’s orders for placement, medication

regimes and medical interventions.

Three balanced, nutrition meals are prepared and served daily in the facility dining room. A Registered Dietician oversees all physician’s ordered diets and special needs.


              Housekeeping and laundry services are provided weekly.