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How were the Gardens at Osage Terrace developed?

The Community Development Corporation of Bentonville/Bella Vista determined the need for an alternative housing for those residents that required additional assistance to remain independent, but was not ready to enter the long term care system.

The development began with technical assistance from the Coming Home Program

( hs ComingHomePrrogram.aspx) and the NCB Development Corporation. Brenda Anderson with Community Development Coproration may provide additional details concerning financing and development.

How is the facility licensed and regulated?

Prior to 2001 the State of Arkansas did not recognize the assisted living setting for purposes of licensure or regulation. Act 1230 of 2001 authorized the creation of Assisted Living in Arkansas. The regulations, permit of approval process, levels of licensure and client eligibility.

The facility is regulated and surveyed by the state Office of Long Term Care


How is the service made affordable?

       Medicaid reimbursement to Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver “assisted living

         services” providers is a daily rate that corresponds to the tier of need in which the

         DAAS RN places a waiver participant. The determination of the tier of need is

         based on comprehensive assessment. There are four tiers of need. The daily rate  

        pay for all direct care services in the waiver recipient’s plan of care.

       DAAS will set the assisted living recipient’s tier of need and rate for the waiver

         service in the MMIS system.

       Medicaid reimbursement for pharmacist consult services is a daily rate.

       Persons approved for Assisted Living Waiver services may not receive Medicaid

         State Plan Personal Care.

       Reimbursement is for services only; room and board (rent) are to be paid by the

         client or his or her legal representative.

Arkansas Medicaid (

Arkansas Department of Aging / Adult Services (

How much will it cost?

Everyone must pay an initial deposit of $500.00. This deposit is utilized for repair of the room such as replacing carpeting, repainting scraped walls, ect. An eligible Medicaid recipient in the facility shall continue to receive their monthly income as usual and are allowed to retain  a small monthly allowance. They pay a state-set amount, monthly for room and board. The resident contributes the remainder of their income to services. The State (Medicaid) reimburses the facility for the difference in service provision.

Everyone must meet low-income guidelines for admission. Individuals that have some savings or assets may spend down their savings through private payment of housing and services.

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