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Admissions Procedures:

Facility Specific Application

Completion of Financial   Verification

Application for  State Medicaid Waiver (if applicable)

Medical Assessment

Service Plan Development

Apartment Selection


Potential residents are assessed with a basic medical assessment tool.  Questions concerning various areas of care and activities of daily living are addressed.  Each area is assigned a point system.  The total number of points assigned indicates the resident's service needs and the level of care.  The Assisted Living II facility acknowledges 4 levels of care or Tiers.  Applicants without the need for healthcare services shall not be admitted to the Assisted Living II facility.  

Eligibility Requirements:

Financial Assistance - Medicaid eligible residents pay a portion of their monthly income to contribute to their service.  The state is billed for the remainder.  Application for assistance is made through the DHS and coordinated thru the facility


Deposit -  A security deposit of $500.00 is collected at admission.